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Rangitoto College Korean Night 2020 Sponsorship Opportunity

This year, Rangitoto College is once again having our annual Korean Night. Korean Night is an evening full of a variety of performances, including Korean fan dance, Taekwondo, Doll dance, K-pop, and many more. The night aims to connect the students of Rangitoto College by allowing them to not only show off their talents, but to form unbreakable bonds with each other and make friends across different ethnicities. Additionally, as New Zealand is a bicultural nation, our aim is to introduce our Korean culture to many people that come and watch our performances. We are able to proudly say that as a College that first started Korean Night, many students prepare thoroughly and it is always considered a highlight event of the year for Rangitoto College.

This is a student lead event which means that it is run by Korean Community Leaders and guidance from various teachers. However, as students to host such a large event, it is not always easy to cover the costs ourselves. We were able to run the night smoothly through sponsorships that we receive by amazing companies and organisations to support the expenses. Therefore, we appreciate your kind help in the form of any sponsorship, which will allow the Korean Night to occur. We will do our very best to thank and acknowledge your organisation in the form of advertisements throughout the evening of Korean Night. The logos of organisations that have sponsored the event will be placed in the programme and posters on the night, as well as featuring on our social media pages. We’d be happy to include any message/explanation about KNZBC alongside the posts. The larger the value of the sponsorship the more acknowledgment and advertisement we will provide. But we are willing to take any form of sponsorship, even if it is something very little. We know that giving a sponsorship is quite an ask, and fully understand if you decide not to sponsor us. But we would really appreciate your charitable support and hope to hear back from you with good news.

Below, I have attached a document with the details of the event. If you are interested or would like some more information, please let me know and contact me via this email (

We currently do not have any posters or advertising material made at the moment, as they are currently being designed by our design team.

Kind regards,
Andrew Lee
Rangitoto College Korean Night Leader