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Past event with the Uni-services.

In June 2019 the KNZBC hosted an event to showcase the work Uni-services does to develop technology partnerships between New Zealand and Korean companies. Korea is an important technology and innovation partner with New Zealand across a wide range of fields. During the event we heard case studies presented by the Uni-services as well as from Objective Acuity Limited and Compliance Audit Systems Limited

• Adam Podmore: CEO at Objective Acuity Limited

Objective Acuity’s platform provides an objective, accurate and reliable approach to testing visual acuity. The proprietary technology uses moving patterns on a screen, recorded on camera, to capture involuntary, reflexive eye movements known as Optokinetic Nystagmus (OKN).

• Johannes Dimyadi: CEO at Compliance Audit Systems Limited
Slides from Johannes Dimyadi

• Joe Rouse: Senior Commercialisation Manager at Auckland Uni-services Limited
Slides from Joe Rouse

• Hansol Cha: Business Development Manager at Auckland Uni-services Limited
Slides from Hansol Cha

• Re-engagement with CAPE, KOTRA
See this example from JNZBC, JETRO and CAPE.
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