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From our Members: Are Your Mitochondria Killing You?

We are all aware that our bodies are made up of trillions of cells.    To perform well, and keep their part of the body healthy, cells need “Cellular Energy. All cells have at least one Mitochondria attached to perform this task by sucking nutrients out of the bloodstream (nutrients generated by what we eat, drink and breathe) and converting those nutrients into cellular energy.

Unfortunately, Mitochondria are under attack from two directions: the first is the ageing process; scientists tell us that, by the time we are 80, we have only 25% of the mitochondria we had at 20. They are also under attack from what I will loosely call pollution. I don’t just mean the stuff coming out of the back of the car but also the preservatives in food and the chemical fertilisers placed on the land and passed, by the animals that feed on the crop, into the human food chain.

It can thus be seen that nourishing and maintaining the efficiency of our mitochondria is essential to cellular health and cellular health is vital to the healthy functioning of the different parts of the body. Fortunately, there is all natural powder, derived from a particular strain of rice, that just happens to be packed with nutrients that the mitochondria need to promote performance and longevity.

To learn more about the above and to secure a free sample of this rice powder text Health Concern (NZ) on international +64278952909 or use email: