NZ Language


Kiwis speak very quickly and use a lot of slang. Even if English is your native language, this can be confusing. Don’t be afraid to ask people to slow down or repeat what they said. New Zealand has three ‘official’ languages: English; Māori and New Zealand Sign Language. Maori (Te[…]

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Kiwi Lingo

New Zealand is a bilingual country and Te Reo is our other national language. It’s not as widely spoken as English but you might hear some of these words come up in conversation…

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What Is The New Zealand Language?

As one of the last nations to be established, New Zealand has a diverse number of languages used by its population. The three official New Zealand languages are English, Maori and New Zealand Sign Language. “Official languages” means that people have the right to use theses languages in legal proceedings,[…]

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