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From our Members: Are Your Mitochondria Killing You?

We are all aware that our bodies are made up of trillions of cells.    To perform well, and keep their part of the body healthy, cells need “Cellular Energy. All cells have at least one Mitochondria attached to perform this task by sucking nutrients out of the bloodstream (nutrients[…]

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An update from one of our members

I thought it would be great to share the news regarding Dentons’ official launch in Korea today, through a combination with Lee International. The new name of the firm in Korea is Dentons Lee. The combination with Lee International builds on Dentons’ strategy to be the first global law firm[…]

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Hyundai serious about hydrogen in New Zealand

Having cemented pole position in the battery-fed electric car sales race, Hyundai would like to now set the pace with the fuel of the future: hydrogen. Local distributor Hyundai New Zealand says it would love to have its Nexo, the latest car the parent in South Korea has produced to[…]

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