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How about having NZ Sauvignon Blanc this summer?

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How about having NZ Sauvignon Blanc this summer?

The season of green has passed and it has already entered early summer. Let’s boost our appetite and refresh our mood with fresh white wine.

In the summer, New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc wines are the best. Sauvignon Blanc is also famous in Loire, France, but New Zealand products are more cost-effective. It is suitable for wine beginners as it allows them to enjoy various Sauvignon Blanc varieties in different regions and wineries easily.

In particular, if you want to drink Sauvignon Blanc wine properly, I recommend “Wither Hills” wine.

Marlborough, northeast of New Zealand’s South Island, is considered the Mecca of Sauvignon Blanc. Marlboro is divided into three regions: Southern Valley, Wairau Valley and Hourtere Valley. Wither Hills Winery is located in the Wairau Valley area. Wairau Valley is a place that produces high-quality Sauvignon Blanc. The vineyard in this area is well known for its dense fruits and strong body feel.

Wither hills was founded in 1994 by Brent Maris. Maris first bought grapes from her father, who was cultivating the vineyard and brewed them. As Maris’s dedication and passion slowly rose to fame, they began to co-operate the winery. Production volume, which was only 10,000 boxes in 2001, has expanded to more than 200,000 boxes in a few years. Maris sold its winery and brand to Australian beverage company Lion Nathan for NZD 52 million.

Witherhills had been steadily receiving positive reviews worldwide. The Sauvignon Blanc in 2008 won gold at the San Francisco International Wine Competition, and the wines in 2012 won the TEXSOM International Wine Awards. The 2017 product received a high score of 91 points from Wine Spectator.

Currently, Witherhills has large vineyards across Marlborough and Hawkes Bay.

The Marlborough region grows grapes for brewing at vineyards of Rarangi, River Taylor, Benmorven, Te Awanga, and Bridge Pa Triangle. In Hawkes Bay, they have different Terroira characteristics, so that to enable various wine.

Specifically, Rarangi produces Sauvignon Blanc wine from a small gravel field, and the vineyard is affected by the sea breeze. River Taylor is a vineyard of soil mixed with loam, clay,  pebbles, which produces organic Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir. Benmorven is a 100% clay vineyard located at the foot of the mountain. It produces organic Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. In Te Awanga, a vineyard with many pebbles produces Merlot wine, in Bridge Pa Triangle, gravel in well-drained alluvial soil produces Shira.

With about 30 years of wine brewing experience, Witherhills understands the various characteristics of the Marlboro region and uses the appropriate brewing method to produce the best wine.

Of the seven wines sampled, the 2016 product of Sauvignon Blanc was the most impressive.

The bright, clear light green lemon color has the scent of citrus, tropical fruit, lemon, Green capsicum, and grass. It is an elegant wine with refreshing acidity, filling the mouth and shows with perfect balance. It goes well with oysters, roasted seafood, cheese, and appetizers.

Prof. Goh, Jaeyoon at Kyung Hee Univ, chairman of International Sommelier Association in Korea

– Translated by the KNZBC